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Bonzai Winter Boost 3g
29.99   20.99
In stock
Bonzai Winter Boost is a new product from the famous Bonzai series. It has a very good flavor and is very potent and long lasting.  It is free of... More
210 points
21 points

We only stock the best products. Forget the others.

Our mission is to provide our customers with the strongest, highest quality products the best possible prices. All products have been extensively tested by our highly experienced team, so we only stock the best in our stores.

We are specialists in providing the essential ingredients for a great night out of a chilled night in. As with anything, top quality products ensures top quality results. With our gobal network of contacts and suppliers, matched with our bulk buying power means we are unrivaled in price and quality. None of our products are for human consumption unless clearly stated.


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Pyscho 4g
33.99   25.00
In stock
Pyscho 4g - As the name suggests, this is a crazy one.   NOT FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION
250 points
25 points

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